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I was born in the late 18th century, in a different yet parallel world to your own. Some of you will have seen my story told on the TV series Dark Shadows. A product of a dream, starting with an orphaned  young woman called Victoria Winters  who travelled to the village of Collinsport to work as a governess to the wealthy Collins family, she  sought to find out her true origins.

Little did anyone know in 1967 that in the family mausoleum I lay in my coffin, chained up by my father Joshua Collins, waiting for the moment when I would be free to walk the earth again.

I had been a dark secret within the family, one that brought shame and sorrow. For a time I managed to keep my secret to myself until Dr Julia Hoffman discovered who and what I am, and from then on  I began my  journey to find true friendship, love and forgiveness, and like Victoria, seek to understand who I really was.

Here I share my life, my story with you.

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